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A personal praise- How to know when to grow

December 04, 20232 min read

‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️🎤🙌🏾 I can remember when I didnt believe a thing until i heard my Pastor say it and that was because I didnt have my own relationship with the Father nor did I know the word for myself. It was as if I needed his approval to believe it. I was in a season in my life where I had a relationship with Jesus but I wasnt in fellowship with Holy Spirit and the father. It was beyond me that the feeling I had, that I was missing something, was because i wasnt utilizing my HELP. My COMFORTER. My TEACHER. My BEST FRIEND. I wasnt yielding to Holy Spirit intentionally. I didnt know yet how to.

 A personal praise- How to know when to grow

Church is a place where we all go to worship together but your worship is personal. Praise is personal. Your praise is not going to look like what everyone else's look like bc they wasnt in your shoes. They may not have been on life support, they may not have struggled with homelessness, they may not have strugged with having to live a life completely outside of their character just to survive. When you know that pain and remember that pain and stand on buisness behind the fact that IT WAS GOD who delivered you from that mess bc every time I tried I failed, theeeennnn it gets PERSONAL!

When people counted you out and now you're rising in their faces, PRAISE HIM. Church is personal. You dont have to be best friends with every one from your church for them to be your family and thats okay, dont think it strange. Sometimes God guards our heart from certain things that he know will hurt you (dont overthink that) . God puts people in your life at an appointed time for an appointed reason and sometimes that reason can last for yearrrs. It's okay to have multiple resources of getting fed. You have your church, where you're planted, maybe a study group, your own personal study time, and can even have a mentor. The point is TO GET FED! That's it! That's the download! 🙌🏾

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