Kimberly empowers young people to overcome adversities and avoid substance use, enabling them to practice emotional intelligence and make positive and lasting changes in their lives

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Introducing Kimberly's transformative book, "Make Up Your Mindset," where captivating chapters like "Let's Embrace Healing," "Love Yourself Unconditionally," and "Unlocking the Growth Mindset" await your discovery. Dive into the dynamic world of success and learn to navigate the path of personal growth versus limitation. Uncover the magic of living in the present moment and break free from the chains of comparison. Seeking solutions? Look no further! Paired with the empowering "Make Up Your Mindset" workbook, this dynamic duo is your gateway to amplify your mindset prowess and igniting lasting inspiration for profound change.

Keynote Topics


Make up your Mindset

Based on our Best-Selling book:

  1. Overcome challenges

  2. Cultivate a resilient mindset

  3. avoid substance use


Living Authentically

Our speaker's engaging approach, grounded in firsthand experiences:

  1. Embody emotional intelligence

  2. Navigate life's complexities with authenticity

  3. Equips young people to make confident decisions that lead to lasting positive changes


Overcoming Trauma and Addiction

Our speaker's empathetic approach, grounded in personal triumphs, empowers attendees to harness their inner strength and tap into their potential:

  1. Make conquering choices

  2. Being grounded in your identity

  3. Character refinement


Kimberly delivers her messages with a fervent PASSION, a wealth of expert INSIGHT, and a captivating sense of AUTHORITY

Kimberly is a remarkable and influential personality in the realm of motivational speaking, driven by her unwavering commitment to empowering women and youth, as well as her remarkable journey of personal growth as a leader. If you're in search of a speaker capable of igniting your audience's drive to conquer challenges and reach their aspirations, your quest ends here with Kimberly at Motivation from the Heart.

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At Kimberly Clark Speaks, We don’t just provide speaking and coaching but we provide a long lasting relationship, and we make people’s lives easier. Better.

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